People Searching Diagnosis Online

People Searching Diagnosis Online

Internet appears to be an important source for people that are looking for information about health and care. They do their own self diagnosis. In the decision whether or not to go to the doctor, the internet is playing an important part. 1 in 10 people decides on information from the internet and their self diagnosis online, to take care of their healthproblem themselves and not to consult their doctor.

Research has pointed out that 75% of the people go look for health-information at the internet, at least once, before consulting a doctor.

Over 90% of the self diagnostic people uses the internet because it is the fastest way to get information. Over 80% uses it because there is always a lot of actual information available.

As a preparation before a visit to the doctor, the internet is not used that often. People mostly are looking for prescriptions (83%), treatments (77%) and causes (76%) of complaints, diseases and disorders.

Based on the found information 17% decides to go to their doctor and 11% decides not to go. 4% decides not to take their doctor’s advice and 2% decides to go visit another doctor.

It’s obvious, the internet is hot when it comes to self diagnosis.

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