Perfume for Every Occasion

Woman applying perfume

It turns out that women on the average spend about 60 euros a month on cosmetics. Yearly they spend about the same amount on perfumes they never use, according to an enquiry which a British discount website held under 2100 women, says the Daily Mail.

During their entire lifes British women buy for around 4.300 euros on perfumes, of which the bottles keep unopened on the dressingtable. About 60 percent of the women gives a perfume which they didn’t like in the end simply away as a present.


75% of the women has between one and five bottles of perfume or eau de toilette on their dressingtable, eight percent says to own more than ten bottles.

Still 35 percent of the women always uses the same fragrance all the time. Fifty percent of the women adjusts her perfume to the occasion or their moods.

Question: “How many sorts of perfume do you own?”

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