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Peter Movrin | Franz Madonna – Peter Movrin creates dark knight inspired fashion – long laser cut leather coats, paired with silk underskirts, grey tone raw leather pieces and accessorised with knitted head pieces and balaclavas in a modern attack on medieval attire. o me fashion design is a picturesque art. In fashion you can also find marvellous people such as Picasso, Fellini and Edith Piaf. They are phenomena which always gave enthusiasm and juiciness to their creativity. They became wonders. Their divine life work will be admired forever.

Peter is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He studied at University Of Ljubljana and graduated in 2011. His collections are produced in Slovenia.

Peter Movrin tells

“I always follow myself. I try to create trends rather than follow them. I studied art because I express myself through art, above all through clothing design. The message I want to deliver through my work is that fashion can also be art. Art does not necessarily only mean video, photography and painting. I communicate art through my clothing. The theme I find myself returning to is “back to nature”, but I’m also interested in French Swiss literature and philosophers of the 18th century, like Jean Jacques Rousseau. I am inspired by insects, birds, fish, gardens… many times my design is expressed through tradition which transforms into innovation. A large factor which also affects how I create is my feeling and the specific situation I am in at the time of producing a collection. Good art makes someone think. I do not have any special models or patterns. There is always something beautiful in art, no matter what your opinion. I never leave projects untouched, I realise them at least in my mind and I store them in my subconscious. They all come to daylight sooner or later and they never let me leave them unfinished”.



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Photos: Maya Nightingale

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