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Wang Du is a chinese artist, living in Paris who is wellknown for his three-dimensional, painted objects. His work shows obvious chinese, but also western influences.

Lately the artist specializes in photography. Du’s work called photographs, is inspired by the amount of pictures that already exist. He called in some friends and students to make photos of everything in their surroundings. During the summer of 2007, they took over 50.000 photo’s in various Chinese cities. Without any form of selection or retouching, all of these images where printed. In total  4 tons of ink was used and there was 10.000 square meters of image created. The quality of the individual picture didn’t matter; because of the enormess amount it is even impossible to see the images individual.

According to Du, you can look at this work in two ways: every single photo as a pixel, or the whole as a reflection of Chinese city life.


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