Piaget – Rose Passion Jewelry Collection

Piaget, for the love of Roses. – Roses are the subject of the Piaget new collection. The Rose is a noble flower, with a great tradition that runs through the entire life and history of Swiss watchmaker and jeweller Yves Piaget. Yves is committed to preserve this tradition, for the love of roses and as a tribute to its own history. The company decided to restore the “former” rose garden of the Château de Malmaison , to bring one of the most beautiful testimonials to the love of roses back to life. Unfortunately, this botanical treasure has fallen into disrepair and very little is left of the old rose garden. Now, the house of Piaget is going to restore it by inoculating 750 old rose bushes.

The ‘Rose Passion‘ jewellery collection was inspired by the restoratian of the old rose garden and it led to designing the most spectacular and beautiful pieces. The collection includes 100 pieces of fine jewellery.


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