Prabal Gurung Designs Uniform All Nippon Airways

Prabal Gurung Designs Uniform All Nippon Airways

Prabal Gurung Design to fly –  Nepal fashion designer Prabal Gurung, who designed in the past for Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga, has designed the uniforms for over 10.000 emplyees of Japanese airway compagny All Nippon.

The designer wanted to make a tribute to the history of the airline with a fresh and modern approach. The uniform consists of a light grey jacket with blue accents, in which one can also see the logo of the airline, and a charcoal-colored pencil skirt. In order to create distinction between the uniforms, Prabal designed a number of matching colored scarves with a modern Japanese floral pattern as an ode to the origin of the airline.

Prabal Gurung is not the first designer that designs for an airline. The familiar red suit of British Virgin Atlantic was designed by Vivienne Westwood, as Mart Visser designed the latest uniforms for Dutch airline KLM.

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