Rihanna’s Home Sweet Home

A guided tour through Rihanna’s new homeRihanna is moving cross-country to her most recent home, which has written ‘Rihanna‘ all over it. The house that was designed by award-winning architect David Gray, consists of three levels brought together by the central art gallery . In the bottom level one can find a bar, a gym, a sauna, a screening room, two guest suites and a garage with room for 3 cars.

In the middle level is the living-room, a high-tech kitchen, which is designed by the Porsche Design group, dining rooms, a guest bedroom, a games room, a powder room and an office, floating between the bottom and central floors.

The top level is designed in the shape of a yacht, it contains the master bedroom, and two seperate showers and spa tubs.

In the garden which is a labyrinth of walking-paths, is a guesthouse built, a pool and a spa that accommodate up to 12 people. From here there is a breathtaking view on the city below.

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