Sublime Samana Hotel (Dominican Republic)

Gently caresses the Sublime Samana Hotel & Residences resort the crystalclear waters of the Samara peninsula. Located along some of the most breathtaking coasts of the Caribbean, we find miles of unspoiled nature, 22 architectural gems of villas and suites, the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and a customized service, make this place a fairy tale like Sun, sea, beach and spa destination.

Your own home and place under the sun

The spacious and beautifully designed suites and villas let you as a visitor bathe in luxury. The open character of the resort makes you blend in with nature, and allow you to become one with the mountainous panoramas of the Dominican Interior and exotic jungle and ocean sounds. The Sublime Samana Hotel offers sixteen private suites and six private villas who each in their own way form a sea of calm and serenity.

Chasing Robinson Crusoe

It you probably won’t surprise you to hear that the Sublime Samana resort also has its own rustic Beach Spa. No tiles or concrete floosr here; the fine sand of the Pearl white beaches act as basis for a spa that has been clearly inspired by the stories about Robinson Crusoe. With palm wood, cane and straw a construction is raised from the ground, which is fully in line with the surrounding nature. Rain massage, facials and body wraps arefound in the three cabins, each with a stunning view over the Caribbean Sea. With some fresh coconut milk in your hand, you will be infinite pampered.

Something for everyone

The Samana peninsula has  its visitors more to offer than just beaches and soothing luxury spa facilities. For the active tourist who likes some unforgettable activity, ther are closebye the resort some interesting options. What about a visit to the traditional Las terrenas village, a trip through the Los Haitise Park or a trip on horseback to the exceptionally beautiful Limon Waterfall that drapes her water tentacles like a giant octopus on the rock wall? Are you sure you want to stay at home this vacation?

Las terrenas


Los Haitise Park mangroves


Limon Waterfall


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