Sass & Bide Interactive Campaign

Sass & Bide interactive – The Australian label Sass & Bide starts an interactive campaign called ‘Freetown’ with 360 degree panorama picture. The picture shows an area where models like the Brazilian Aline Weber, among other things wear creations of the label.. It is also possible to zoom in on the looks and then click on the items to order.

The campaign was created by photographer Terry Gates, who spent a year and a half to get the hang of and perfecting the technique that was used for the project. The panorama photography and click-to-buy technology were tricky but crucial parts needed for this campaign.

The word ‘ interactive ‘ is nowadays a popular word in fashion marketing. For example, there was an interactive Pinterest gift guide by Topshop and the interactive Skype project of Victoria Beckham.

The campaign can be found on the website of Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide 1 Sass & Bide 3 Sass & Bide 4 Sass & Bide 5 Sass & Bide 6 Sass & Bide 7 Sass & Bide 8 Sass & Bide 9 Sass & Bide 10 Sass & Bide 2

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