Scarlet Johansson in Cover Shoot for Glamour

Scarlet Johansson – Glamour US has tapped actress Scarlet Johansson for their cover story in the May 2014 Issue. The almost turning 30 years old star of ‘Captain America’ opens up about her not always liking her for ever sexy image. Here are some quotes from the interview: “Actresses get stupid questions asked all the time Like ‘how do you stay sexy’ or what is your sexiest quality? Ridiculous things you would never ask a man. When I made lost in tranlation I was 17, now I am 29. You’re captured in a certain time in your life  and it is hard for people to  move past that”

For the shoot by photographer Tom Munro , Scarlet is wearing creations of Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Victor & Rolf, Versace , Chanel and others.

Scarlett JohanssonIMG_0005 You’re capture in a certain  time in your life  and it is hard for people to  move past that. IMG_0007IMG_0008  IMG_0004IMG_0003IMG_0009

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