Scary Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie convincing witch – Angelina Jolie is that scary in her role of Maleficent, that even her own children were scared of her.  Only her daughter Vivienne dared to play in the film, because she knew who Angelina was. In fact all the children doing audition were afraid of her.

“The three-and four-year-old actors did not dare to come near to me because they really were afraid of my costume. My daughter Vivienne has been cast in the film because she knew who I was and she trusted me, “said Angelina.

Her son Pax who also auditioned was so afraid of her that he did not want her to play the role. “He got so scared when he saw me on the set, that I had to run after him and had to remove my makeup to show him that it was fake.”

Maleficent is the witch in the story of Disney‘s sleeping beauty, but in this film it is seen from Maleficents dide, the dark fairy who bewitches her . View the trailer above.


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