Scrabble with Chairs (Roeland Otten)


ABChairs comprises 26 chairs each one representing a letter of the alphabet. “As a graphic designer it was a challenge to design these series of chairs that also had to form a consistent font (typeset),” Otten explains. “The forms of the characters arose from totally different rules where capital and cabinet are by each other depending what is best to sit on. I used sans serif, unless necessary (and then the radius of the serif corresponds to the curves of rounded letters) and as there were still quite some serifs needed, I decided to change the thickness of the lines significantly: 15 cm for vertical lines, 5cm for horizontal lines and 5 centimeters for the thickness of the material when used as the back of a chair.” The seat height is either 46 or 80cm.

Get a closer look at the chairs by clicking the PDF file here.


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