Sebastian Professional Digitality Collection

Sebastian Professional Launches Drynamic Hairspray

Sebastian Professional Digitality Drynamic – We regularly want to change our style, because our taste is changing all the time. Changing our style of clothing is pretty easy, but what about our hair?  Sebastian comes up with the solution, by launching a product with which we easily can change our look, even if we are pressured and on our way to go.

The new Professional Digitality Collection of Sebastian is the ideal tool. The most important role is for the Drynamic spray: a professional dry shampoo that works like a styling-spray, but also has cleansing qualities. Sebastian Global Art Director Michael Pale explains that the the product is the perfect tool for styling your hair. “You spray it into your hair and model it with your hands.”

Drynamic combines their Reset Foundation System, with the Recharge Technology. This makes it absorb dirt or sebum from the hair and makes it look cleaner and makes styling easier and makes your hair stay longer in place.

Sebastian’s  Professional Sebastian Drynamic is available starting this month.  Check out for a salon in  your neighbourhood.



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