‘SHOW ROOMING’ gets more popular all the time

showrooming gets more popular

According to british research 61% of people who are shopping, do this by ‘show rooming’.  They look at products in shops and order them later online. Online shopping communities like for example Lyoness can give incredible dicounts and more and more people discover how they can save money that way.

Over 90 percent of the consumers buy products online at a lower price than they would  have to pay in the shops, according to a British discount website which held an enquiry under 1653 people over 18 years. This was stated by Female First.

‘Show rooming’  mostly takes place with clothing. More than 71 percent of the questioned people looks and fits the clothes in the shops and buys them online.


On second place with 52 percent are electronic products, followed by furniture, which is purchased on the internet by 45% and more than 40 percent looks at sports articles in the shop first before bying them online.

Over a third of the people who where questioned, about 35% compares the prices in the shop immediately on their smartphone ore tablet. Half of them does this at home. About 41% has brought an article back to the shop when it turned out to be cheaper online.


Of the people who are not ‘show rooming’, about 33 percent says to want to support the shops and 27 percent has no patience to wait until the product gets delivered at home.

Photo: www.sixteen-nine.net
Source: Female First

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