The silent power of Curacao

Bon Bini to Curacao – An azure blue see and always sunshine, that is how we know Curacao, but there is more to the beautiful Carribian Island.

It is said that Curacao thanks its name to “Cura’, meaning the healing one. In some parts of the Island you can almost feel there is a special energy on the Island, on which Curacao thanks its name. Columbus once let some of his very sick crew behind on the Island to die, but instead of that, they miraculously cured. From that time ‘Cura” was used in the name of the Island.


Curaçao has about 150,000 inhabitants and a very diverse population. The majority is Creole. These are people of mixed African and European descent, who are regarded as indigenous. In addition, there are also minorities of European, Chinese, Lebanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Surinamese, Venezuelans, British West-Indians, Dominicans, Haitians and Colombians. here live 107  different nationalities on the island.


Curaçao is an island full of surprises. It’s not too big, the varied lanscape overs an endless number of options to enjoy yourself.  Overcome the open spots on the island and enjoy a fantastic walk., a mountain bike tour, or a jeep safari. Immerse yourself in the mysterious and colorful underwater worlds on one of the more than 60 dive sites. Relax on the beautiful beaches. You can choose from, a slightly remote to a busier populated beach. Because unlike the crowded beaches of the other Caribbean Islands, there is always place on the beaches of Curacao. Curacao is also very suitable for a sparkling Honeymoon.


The capital of the Island is Willemstad, the pride of Curacao – with its cozy and chic shops, restaurants and nightlife. The colorored houses in the district Punda are on the Unesco World Heritage site.


Food is very important on Curaçao. The local food includes delicious seafood, meats and side dishes. Some of the local sea food is Dradu (Mahi Mahi), Piska Kora (Red Snapper), Kabritu Stoba (goat meat) is also a local specialty. Plantains (fried bananas) are usually served as vegetables or side dishes.  Another local specialty is Iguana soup. Typical side dishes are rice with beans, white rice, french fries, or baked potatoes.


Curaçao has a pleasant tropical savanna climate. The temperature is always around 30 degrees during the day, in the evening it cools just slowly and by morning, the minimum temperature is 24 to 27 degrees. The rainy season begins in september and lasts until december. However, there isn’t a really rainy season with lots of rain as in many other tropical destinations. The best season to visit Curaçao runs from February to July.

IMG_2576 curacao-caribbean curacao3 Koningin bezoekt Caribisch deel van het koninkrijk IMG_2570 Mambo Beach auf Curacao

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