Smartphones conquer the fashionworld  – We all know technology has changed the way we talk about fashion shows, but none quite as much as the smartphone. Most reviews of a catwalk show have been written on a smartphone and are online even before the runway is emptied.

While the fashion world is working hard to get everything done before and throught the fashion month, the customers choose a quick and easy medium to get informed about the fashion weeks.

It is no surprise that fashion labels have been partnering with mobile phone companies.For example, Burberry teamed up with Apple last season, capturing all photos and video for runway and beauty looks, product details, and backstage moments with their just about to be launched, iPhone 5s.

The dominance of mobile phones on the catwalk was truly proven last Friday, when London Fashion Week designer, Fyodor Golan debuted a skirt made completely out of mobile phones.“Smartphones play an increasingly integral role within fashion, and more specifically on the front row of global fashion week shows,” explained Golan. The garment constructed out of 80 Nokia Lumia handsets has been is the world’s first fully interactive garment.

Photo courtesy: Tom’s Guide.

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