Sports can Help you to a Better Self Image

Sports can help you to a better self image

Sports doesn’t only help women to get a more beautiful body and better healh, but it also gives them a much better self image, which of course is very important in getting succesfull. It not only makes them psysical stronger and fitter but also emotional. And it even leads to a higher libido. It has a very positive influence on a woman’s social live. This was the result of an ivestigation by Nike and TBS on more than 10.000 women. Are there no negative things to say about sports? Yes, there are, some women fear to lose their feminin curbs when they get too muscular. Most men don’t consider this as very feminin. But als long as you feel happy…… And of course as with almost everything, sports also can get an addiction.  A lot of women can’t ease up, when they have reached their goal, but keep on pushing themselves, with the result that they lose too much weight, or indeed get much more muscular than they had planned. Tip: Get a good personal trainer, to tell you what is good for you.

What is your favorite Sport?

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