Stromae Clothing Line

Stromae Clothing Line

Stromae sold outSinger Stromae presented his first clothing collection less than a week ago and almost the whole entire collection is sold out. The unisex collection is exclusively sold at Hunting & Collecting in Brussels Belgium.

Stromae, whose real name is Paul Venter, launched in cooperation with Coralie Barbier and graphic design agency Boldatwork, the label Mosaert. Mosaert is an anagram of his stage name, Stromae was another anagram of the word ‘maestro‘. The collection consists of colorful Polo shirts and socks with African prints, the garments that Stromae likes to wear on stage. There were 2000 copies made of the Polos and 4000 pairs of socks. The only way to still buy some of the items of Mosaert is online through the website the label and from stromea himself., bit his won’t be for long either.

A next collection is already in the making, but it is not clear yet it when will be on sale and what items it will be.  “Perhaps jackets and cardigans”,  a spokeswoman said.

Photo Courtesy ©Stromae Mosaert Collection

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