Stylish teddybears for ‘Arms around the Child’

Stylish teddybears for 'Arms around the Child'

Arms Around The Child

Acknowledged designers have designed stylish bears to raise money for charity. Last night they were auctioned at The Other Ball in New York to raise money for ‘ Arms around the child ‘. A charity that is committed to children in poor countries. The organization wants to ensure that the children can go to school, can get necessary medical treatments and can grow up in a save environment.

The starting amount per bear was a staggering thousand euros. The outfits that the bears are wearing were designed by big names like Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin, Simon Doonan and Thom Browne. Louboutin made his bear a superhero, with a cape in his signature red, and Alexander Wang turned the bear into a tough guy with a mask.

At the ball were performances by The Black Keys, A$ap Rocky, Lykke Li and Samantha Ronson. The evening was presented by her brother, Mark Ronson.



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