Swedish shoe brand sells footwear by the GRAM

Swedish shoes sell by the gram

The shoe brand was founded in 2005 by designer Alexis Holm and his business parner Anna Stenvi. Initially the brand only sold sneakers, but nowerdays also has all kinds of shoes and bags in the assortment.

All products of the brand are sold per gram. This means that shoes in a smaller size are cheaper. The cheapest is a pair of sneakers of 352 grams. A pair of boouts weighing 497 grams are the most expensive. On all products the weight is indicated.

“People think we only make lightweight shoes” Holm says at the daily Mail. “but this isn’t true” The mention of the weight simply is an original way to name each pair of shoes”

The compagny is now based in Hong Kong, where Holm is working on his next collection. “in Hong Kong it is more common to mix all kinds of materials, colors and styles and that fits exactly  with what I’m doing.  As a result you see shoes that look odd for a  Swedish design because of the Hong Kong influence”

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