Table for One

Table for One

All the way from selecting the restaurant and the secret joy over the jealous looks of the other guests, to the complete surrender to the taste buds. To some people, dining alone is the ultimate form of accepted self indulgence.

It is one of the rare forms of public masturbation

Dining all alone in a restaurant. Few other things in life give such a perfect satisfaction as without any form of discussion ordering what you like, choosing the restaurant yourself and sit at the table that you want.

The ultimate delight gets stronger as you slowly begin to feel the confused looks of the other guests. You see them wonder “Is he waiting for someone? No he is actually ordering….wil he be dining all on his own in a restaurant?” You can almost hear them whisper: ” That guy has his made”

And so you have

Dining alone has many positif sides, but the biggest advantage is that you finally taste what you eat. To often all the attention goes to your table mate, who gives you an appitite in a very different way. Often, after a love-making night you both haven’t got a clue what you have eaten last evening. This doesn’t pay much respect to the cook. That’s why you should consider it your duty to go and dine with no-one but yourself. For the first time in a long while you won’t be distracted from the food. It is just you, the food and nothing more.

Of course it will cost you money. Before you know, you not only order a main-dish, but also a starter, dessert and an expencive wine. Because you want the people around you to see that you are succesfull. You let your money role.

After an hour or so having enjoyed your own divine company, it is time to go home. You give a generous tip, you put on your coat and run for home, because then of course it is time to call a friend and tell him or her all about it.

It is good to know that you don’t need someone to be perfectly happy. As long as their is someone with whom you can share this

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