Take Control of your Breathing

Take control of your Breathing

Inner strength is a tool, you can use in many situations. For instance with an intensive project in which you have a lot of preasure on your shoulders, or in a personal situations in which you have to deal with certain obstacles. In such cases your inner strength gives you the necessary confidence.

A good way to discover your inner strength is yoga. Here are some of the most wellknown forms of yoga, which you can find in many gyms.

Bikram Yoga

This form of yoga trains your muscle power, endurance and flexibility. It also makes you loose weight. Bikram yoga is given in a warm space, between 35 and 40 C. A Lesson constists of 26 workouts which become more and more intensive. It is an exellent form of yoga, for both a trained or a starting yoga practioner.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga. It is simple to learn and is is the basis of all the yoga forms. Hatha Yoga uses certain postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus, awareness, strength, flexibility and relaxation. A lesson in Hatha Yoga consists of the learning of basic postures and relaxation techniques, but also in terminology, that you can use in every other form of yoga.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is the form of yoga with muscular power. It constists of flexibility, power training and meditational breathing. Lots of the postures look like gymnastic, such as push-ups, standing on your hands and other body weight carrying exercises.The tempo is higher than with other forms of yoga. Ther aren’t any breaks between the exercises. It is a very intensive training, in which you need a lot of control over your body.

Breathing in Harmony

Doing yoga, not only increases our amount of oxigen, but also learns us how to use that oxigen. We learn to use our breathe in harmony with our body and mind.

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