Taylor Swift, Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi sing “Livin’ On A Prayer”


Taylor Swift, Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi formed a band for one night only for an event held at Kensington Palace raising money for homeless charity Centrepoint.

During the Winter White Gala, held in honor of a charity supporting homeless youth in London, Jon Bon Jovi performed his classic Livin’ On A Prayer. He called Prince William, the charity’s patron, up to sing with him — a move which left Wills with only two choices: have Bon Jovi locked in the Tower of London for his insolence or call Taylor Swift (also in attendance) up to make the sing-a-long less awkward. (Bon Jovi had told reporters earlier he was planning the stunt.) William went with the latter, and this most magical of magic moments then played out. It’s pretty clear William doesn’t know all the words in the verses, but he more than makes up for it with energetic bursts of “whoo-oh” in the chorus.



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