Ten ways to beat the health hazard of desk jobs

Woman with pain in the back office

Go for a walk before you read this!

Green tea health benefits are well known – but one of the best things about it may simply be the walk to the kitchen.

Researchers have identified  that long periods of sitting are bad for you. Even if you regularly go to the gym or walk long distances, you are still at risk if you have  long periods of inactivity between the bursts of exercise. Having a desk job can be a health hazard!

Is there any hope? Yes there is, and it isn’t all that hard to do. Just try to do and maintain the following ten easy ways.

Ten ways to get incidental exercise if you have a desk job

  1. Walk over to your colleague to discuss work,  instead of sending them an email
  2. Print things at a photocopier further away
  3. Stand up when your computer reminds you,  ’It’s time for a break!’
  4. Empty the dishwasher – even when it’s not your turn – all that bending and stretching has to be good exercise!
  5. Stand up and stretch during long meetings
  6. Get up and tidy your desk, then walk to the recycling bin
  7. Suggest a ‘walking meeting’ for a catchup with a colleague
  8. Use a meeting room further from your desk
  9. Go for a walk at lunchtime
  10. Oh, yes, get up and get yourself a drink.

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