The 10 sleep-commandments

sleepless nights

We all know it, those nights were we simply can’t sleep although we feel very tired.  Here is a list of 10 tips to help you get more sleep in the future.

1)     Limit your time in bed to a maximum of 8 hours and use your bed only for sleeping or sex.

2)      Keep regular times to sleep, especially at what time you get up is very important. In weekends, don’t sleep more than up to one and a half hours longer than usual.

3)     Go out of bed when you lie awake more than 20 tot 30 minutes. Do something to relax (reading, watching tv) in that way, you keep associate your bed with sleeping.

4)     Don’t do a nap in the evening, it will disrupt your rhythm..

5)     Don’t look tv in bed for more than a half hour and don’t choose too exciting programs.

6)     The light of your iPad, Phone or laptop inhibits the production of melatonin. The presence of any light will make you stay awake/disrupt your rhythm.

7)     Take it easy at the end of the day, don’t go to bed when you are all exited. When you come home from a party or you come home late from work (no matter what time it is) first do something relaxing before you go to bed.

8)     Avoid caffeine after six o’clock in the evening (chocolate, cofee, tea or cola) and don’t use alcohol as an nightcap, in the end it will make you sleep lighter.

9)     Make sure there is enough “sleep pressure” If you haven;t had enough physical activity during the day, you will not be tired enough to sleep at night.

10)  Keep considering your biological clock. Don’t go to bed too early if you are a night owl, you simply won’t fall asleep

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