The Common Linnets Conquer Europe

The Common Linnets

The Common Linnets Conquer Europe – Last month we tipped The Common Linnets from Holland as one of the favourites for winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Well we were almost right, they finished second.

Of course Austria won because of all the sympathy votes they got because of the story behind the song, but almost everyone agreed, that the song of The Common Linnets was by far the best of all. The best prove for this is that the song is on number one on the download-lists in 12 different countries. Besides of course Holland, they are on number one in Belgium, Danmark. Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switserland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia. In Austria, Finland, Germany, Spain and Poland the song is on number two,  in Hungary on three and the United Kingdom on number 4.

European Tour

Universal Music, the record label of The Common Linnets has stated that the album is breaking all sales records. The CD is on sale, since last friday. The Common Linnets, consisting of Ilse De Lange en Waylon, who were only a duo for the occasion, are now considering to make a European tour together. Up to now there were no plans for this, but we hope they do, don’t you? Look at the video below. 

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