The ideal man is never drunk and well educated

Patrick Dempsey

According to an American inquiry the ideal man is around 40 years old, succesfull, doesn’t drink much and is preferably a doctor, looking like Patrick Dempsey.

About 35 percent of the surveyed says a man should have a good education. According to the magazine Vanity Fair, in which was asked, what qualities the ideal man has to have.

Almost 30 percent thinks it is important that a man works hard and 27 percent says the most important thing is that he is a gentleman. Only 1 percent thinks it is important that he sports a lot.


Most of the surveyed say that an irascible character is the worst quality for a man and half of them would never start a relationship with someone who drinks a lot of Alcohol.

A majority of the participants in the survey thinks a man must be succesful, when he is in his fourties. 23 percent however is of the opinion that one should look at the performance of a man throughout his whole life.


The investigation also shows that 69 percent of the surveyed think that the mother has a very large influence on a man. Nine percent is even convinced that mothers have total control over a man.

Actor Patrick Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek Sherphard in the series Grey’s Anatomy is the most favorite celebrity, leaving Alec Balwin, Jon Hamm and Richard Madden far behind.

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