“The Return” by Karl Lagerfeld – Trailer

The Return by Karl Lagerfeld – The couture brand revealed a teaser for its short film “The Return,” written and directed by Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

In around half an hour, this short film depicts episodes from the life and career of Gabrielle Chanel, aka Coco, portrayed by British-American actress Geraldine Chaplin. The film will make its debut on December 10 ahead of the designer’s Métiers d’Art 2013/14 fashion show, taking place this year in Dallas, Texas.

“The Return” focuses primarily on Coco Chanel’s return to the fashion scene, and on the reopening of her couture house in Paris in 1954. Karl Lagerfeld also hopes to underscore the designer’s relationship with American culture.

Rupert Everett speaks about meeting Geraldine Chaplin. The English actor incarnates an American journalist in “The Return,” a new film by Karl Lagerfeld. In this interview, Rupert Everett speaks about how pleasant it was to share the set with actor Géraldine Chaplin, the sublime and troubled Coco.

“The Return”” will also be released on the Chanel website on December 10.

The Return by Karl Lagerfeld The Return by Karl Lagerfeld The Return by Karl LagerfeldThe Return by Karl Lagerfeld

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