Norway is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world. According to the UNDP even the best country in the world to live in. You can find there all the ingredients for a wonderful vacation: beautifull nature, peace, space and of course the breathtaking fjords.

Rafting | Hiking | Swimming

Because of the surpisingly mild climate, everything is possible in Norway. Besides all kinds of sporty activities, you can even see the inheritage of the Vikings. Norway is breathtaking beautifull, with her endless space and impressive nature. The landbase ice and the glaciers of the ice ages have formed deep valleys in the moutainous coasts of Norway, which created dramatic landscapes.


The many years of scraping by the ice has made the Walls of the fjords very lively and forested. In the impressive Naerofjord the trees seem to reach to heaven. Spectacular waterfalls pour down for hundreds of meters, the most beautifull according to many, are the “seven sisters” at the Geirangerfjord. Both the Naerofjord and the Geirangerfjord are placed on the UNESCO world inheritage sites.

Bridges & Tunnels

The shores of the fjords are remarkable variable. Not only you find  charming villages and little port towns, but also farms and fruit meadows Along the shores you also find the oldest settlements in Norway. The tough Norwegians have connected the fjords by bridges, roads and practical tunnels, of which the Laerdaltunnel is the longest auto tunnel in the world.

To do

Norway also is a paradise for hikers. In the summer there are about 300 guided walking tours with very different levels of difficulty. In the winter there are special glacier walks.

Dare devils should visit Voss at the end of june for the extreme sports week, where one can do basejumping, skydiving, kayaking and more…

When to go

The most popular months to travel to Norway are May and September (just outside the high season)

Tips: What to see in Norway

Besides the Naerofjord and the Geirangerfjord, don’t forget to visit the Lofoten Islands, Jotunheimen National Park and of course a must for every traveller, The North Cape.

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