Things That Can Kill Your Career

Things That Can Kill Your Career

Managers want to achieve something in their lives and keep climbing up the career ladder. But if a manager doesn’t consider certain things, his or her career will end very quickly. Some features won’t bring you to your dreamed position. We have the most important career killers for you lined up.


1)      Frustration

If you constantly show frustration, instead of humor and self confidence and always come to the office without a smile, you are probably not suitable for a higher position. If one is optimistic it is much easier to achieve the goals in your career.

2)      Pretence

Younger colleagues often think they can steamroll over their boss, without having the necessary experience. Of course it is a good thing to show your talents and good ideas, but always do this in a stategic way, without offending or passing by your boss.

3)      Don’t take advice

Nobody is perfect, so there will always be someone with a better idea or with more experience than yourself. Take that advice and never turn it down. This will look arrogant and unsympathetic. And appart from that, it is not very smart to ignore a good idea.

4)      Underhanded humility

If you do not stand out, you can’t achieve nothing. So be humble, but not too much, people have to notice you. Try to find a way between humility and arrogants.

5)      Perfectionism

If you do your bussiness in a perfect way, you will easily climb the career ladder. But remember everyone makes mistakes. Be carefull, not to set goals for yourself that aren’t realistic. Allow yourself to make mistakes every now and then and learn from your mistakes.

6)      Gossiping

Every converation in a whisper is always very interresting. But try not to gossip yourself, especially when you are new in the bussiness. Gossiping doessn’t give prove of a good character. Don’t do it, because it can become a real career killer.

7)      Pigheadedness

Most goals are reached by a good team. A certain amount of integrity doesn’t only make it easier to work in a team, but also helps you in achieving your personal goals and successes. It shows that you are the right person for a higher position.

8)      Don’t doubt yourself

Be optimistic. If you doubt yourself, you will achieve nothing in your career. Believe in yourself and what you are doing. This gives you self consiousness and makes you look strong an independent.

9)      Impatientness

Impatientness is one of the biggest career killers. A career needs time to develop and needs time. If you have the right skills you can reach about every goal, but don’t rush it. Work hard for a good and growing career. Sometimes this will take a little longer than you had planned, but keep your patience.

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