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Then they had only one dream left: never have a mortgage again

Have you ever heard of the Tiny House Blog? There are many blogs about people who live tiny, in a little house or small appartment, but Tiny House Blog looks more like a fairy- tale.

A fairy-tale about a bankruptcy with a happy ending. Start reading and you’ll be sucked up by the story. It’s about two grown-up people who call themselves fairy-like  and a bit irritating “Mom and Dad”, and about their two children. They ones owned an enormess house and their own restaurant. But then came thecrisis, the restaurant went bankrupt, the house had to be sold, and then, they were left with only one dream; to never have a mortgage again.

That dream, they share with millions of people, amongst them Design Your Dreamlife. A friend had told them how you could live without a mortgage. You buy a piece of land (without having to lent money) and there you built your house. Two things have to be considered here: Dad is a real handy man, who in his wholemarried life only once had to call the plummer. And you should live in Amerika, because it’s much easier to buy cheaper pieces of land Than for instance in Europe. But it is a pretty dream. Or, in case of “mom and dad” a dream come through.

And what a lovely place their Tiny House is. Lovely video’s they put on the internet. Their little daughter for instance gives a guided tour through her room. A tour is a big word in this case, because the room is no more than a little loft, which she has to share with her brother. This family has Tiny living made to a form of art. The stairs to the children’s room is to save space, just some foot rests, like in some climbing wall. It not only saves space, but also looks very artistic.

And they do everything in that tiny space. Lately Mom has made a whole bunch of apples into mush, because they have to make everyting themselves. That also comes after a bankruptcy, and after a life with a mortgage. Everything happens in their tiny kitchen. And when their very tiny refrigerator in the end appears to be too tiny, dad looks on the internet, and finds out that it is going to be a very cool night. So they let kilo’s of mush cool of in a barrel outside.

So a bankrupcy looks like something one would want. And that is the way mom and dad  see it.  And a lot of American media invite them to tlell their story in newspapers and on tv.

Mom and dad are going to be famous, probably even get rich again.  It’s a pitty…..

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