Tiny Little Chairs

Tiny Little Chairs
Tiny Little Chairs

Tiny Little Chairs is a series of collectable pendants. Each pendant represents a vintage chair:

The Bent Chair

The Bent Chair is a low lounge chair with a metal construction. Many versions are available but this original is one of the most sought after chairs of the century.

The Dining Chair

The Dining Chair is one of the most inspiring designs of the mid century. It took 2 of the best designers of the century working together to design the original.

The Work Chair

Arguably one of the most copied office chair designs.

The Scoop Chair

The Scoop Chair is inspired by one of the most produced chairs of the mid century. Because of the inexpensive material and production, original versions can be found in hospitals, church basements, schools and governments buildings all over the world.

The Pavilion Chair

Inspired by the chair everyone loves, the original is a low lounge chair with tuffed leather and chrome legs. It’s the benchmark for modern decor and is the instant choice for commercials and movie sets looking to show a contemporary setting.

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