Tips for an energetic day

Tips for an Energetic Day

You wake up tired, feeling awful? With these tips you will get energy and you’ll look fresh and fruity

Can you feel energetic after a night with only two hours sleep? Yes you can. From stopping snoozing to a bunch of flowers on the table: You can feel better very fast.

Stop snoozing

The snooze-button on your alarm, is very bad for the mood in which you wake up. So put your alarm on the other side of the room and start your morning routine right away. Go have a shower, get dressed, make coffee, don’t give yourself the time for thoughts like: I am so tired or I need more sleep.

Imagine yourself fit

People who had a bad night sleep, often already worry in the middle of the night that it will ruin their day. But also when your not 100% fit, you can have a productive day. It can help to visualise all the things you want to do that day and imagine that you are fit and can do all these things. It will help through the day.

Surround yourself with flowers

You are not a morning person? Put flowers on your breakfast table and you will begin the day much more cheerful and less stressed out.

Enjoy a double Espresso

Coffee doesn’t have a good reputation, but this is not entirely justified. Especially in the morning, it can improve your concentration. Besides coffe seems to reduce the chance of getting diseases like parkinson and diabetis type 2

 Yoga for a blush on your cheeks

Yoga is excellent for your blood circulation and it makes you get a healthy blush on your cheeks.

No more bags around the eyes

No, satin cushion covers and sheets don’t help against the folds in your face, What does help is a layer of vaseline on your face, before you get to sleep. First put a smoothening creme on your face, than some vaseline, this keeps your skin hydrated at night.

Go out

Daylight makes you feel more energetic. Besides, just a little bit of sun can make you get into a good mood. Morning-light is the strongest, so make sure you catch some sun in the morning. Have breakfast in the garden or get the bike or even your running shoes to go to work.

Tips for an Energetic Day

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