‘Versace Loves Brazil’ World Cup T-Shirt

'Versace Loves Brazil' World Cup T-Shirt
Donatella Versace is the latest designer to propel the upcoming World Cup momentum, with a bold new T-shirt that exudes a very Italian passion for the beautiful game

Versace has revealed a new T-shirt with an exraordinary Brazilian look. With the FIFA World Cup in Brazil just a few of weeks away, Versace has made a stylish piece featuring a very vibrant and colourful print, using the colours of carnivals together with exotic flowers  and footballs. Alo Versace did not forget their trademarks on the shirt, its typical gold chain and leopard print are throughout present and its iconic Medusa head is shown in the middle of the shirt. So all element are present to make this shirt a ”Donatella‘, without any doubt.

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