Vicki Archer, Heaven in the Provence

Vicki Archer, Heaven in the Provence – Is there someone you know or someone you’ve read about who is living the life you you’ve always wanted to? Vicki Archer is someone like that. Vicki, a best selling author, writes the beautiful blog “French Essence” She lived in Australia, was married and had three small children when she visited the Provence in 1999 and fell in love at first sight, with an abandoned and decrepit 17th century olive farm.

She and her husband bought the farm, Mas de Berard, and began the long  process of renovating it.  To simplify things, they left Australia and moved to London in order to be closer to the Provence.  It took them three years before the house was restored and today they split their time between London and the Provence. Who wouldn’t like that?  One look at Mas de Berard and its easy to see why anyone would gladly trade places with her.

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