Violeta – Plus Size Line by Mango

Violeta by Mango

Violeta “It suits me and I like it” by Mango – Mango loves curves and that is what they are going to show next year.

“Normal” size series go no further than size 42 (XL). Mango was, echoing many other company, fed up with this. In 2014, the brand is going to market a collection of size 40 to 52.

The line is called Violeta and the slogan of the collection is ‘ it suits me and I like it ‘. The line is made for ladies with larger sizes who want to feel attractive, sexy and fashionable. Forty experts have put their heart and soul into the collection to make it comfortable, feminine and modern. In the collection are also jackets, trousers, skirts, tops and accessories included.

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