♥ Vita Fede Double Cubo Pearl Earrings ♥

♥ Vita Fede's Double Cubo Pearl Earrings ♥

Vita Fede, the comeback of the pearlsWhen you think of pearls, you probably think of your grandmother’s jewelry. Burt all of the sudden, pearls have a big moment and are making there come-back to the cool fashion crowd, thank to Vita Fede who has given them a new edgy style. Vita Fede’s Cubo pearl studs, swap the typical classic use of pearls in earrings,  for a beautiful utterly modern Swarovski-adorned cube.

“I have a whole new perspective on wearing pearls since a handful of designers, Cynthia from Vita Fede included, started creating cooler pearl earring options that I would wear without feeling like an uptown girl,” editor Caroline Grosso says about the new design. “I love these because I will wear one in my first earhole and wear little pearl studs in my others, so I can feel a bit more elegant and dressed up without losing my downtown vibe. Vita Fede does a variety of these ‘Double Cubo’ earrings, and I’ve found myself collecting and mixing and matching them all!”

The style can be worn in pairs or mixed and matched, the style looks perfect to grow to a big trend in jewelry. “There is a sort of ear craze going on in fashion right now,” according to Credits Editor Allison Watters. “Whether you have seen it on your friends and co-workers, or caught wind of it via social media, a #goodear is one of those lust-worthy trends du jour. I don’t have multiple piercings in each ear (though I have debated adding some for a while now), so instead, I have just started collecting a fun variety of mismatched studs and clip-on ear cuffs.” 

This means starting the day will be more fun. “Adorning my ears has become a new morning ritual now that I have more real estate (piercings) to work with,” Accessories Director Maria Dueñas Jacobs said “The Vita Fede earrings are one of my staples—they add a cool and unexpected dimension in the grouping and I often get asked who’s they are and where to buy them!” Adds Allison Watters, “I was drawn to it because it is equal parts feminine and edgy. I wear one at a time, and usually pair it with a plain pearl or gold stud on the other side.”

So thanks to  designers  like Vita Fede, who dares to have another take on the pearl, the pearls are back into fashion.

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