What does the Competition look Like?

What does the Competition look Like?

Women pay more attention to other women than they do to men. This was the conclusion of an inquiry by a website under 2000 women.

Women mostly compare themselves with women who they work with, with their friends and women they meet in the street, according to Daily Mail. They look what “the competition” is waring, how their hair is done and how slim they are.

Women also find it important to know if someone has done plastical surgery. A big majority (90 %) likes to sit on the beach, just to observe others.


The reason why women mostly look at people of the same gender, is according to one in ten, while they always want to look better than the competition. But 40% says not to look at other women with envy.

A third is more impressed by women with a well trained body, than they are with a man with a muscular body. According to Helen Boyle, the stylist of the website, this is because women understand each other well. “They know how hard it is to maintain a nice figure and healthy hair. It is genuian interest in how other women look like” according to Boyle.


Almost half of the women says to sometimes give a compliment to a woman they don’t know, whom she is looking at. This is most of the time about her clothing. When it comes to looking at men, 80 percent of the lady’s would never give a compliment to an unknown man.

The most important reason for this, is that she doesn’t want the man to think that she is flirting. Besides, a fourth of the women thinks, that men will become a larger ego when they do.

To impress

Remarkably 42 % of the women dress to make an impression on other women. Half of them says it gives a kick to get a compliment from another woman. Boyle: “This is taken much more serious than a compliment from a  man, because men often make a compliment because they want something from a woman”.

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