What is your meaning of life?

What is your meaning of life?
What is your meaning of life?

Why are we here?

Meaning of life – What is the meaning of life? -Is there a God or isn’t there, and if there is a God, what is its nature? Of all the world’s religions, which one is the most correct? Is there an afterlife? Are we primarily physical beings or spiritual beings?

People have struggled for millenia to tackle these questions. Wars have been fought over them. But as much as these questions cause people to lose their heads (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literaly), the bottom line is that these are very practical questions.

The way we answer these questions wil provide the ultimate context for everything else we do with our lives. If we place any value on our lives at all, we must give some consideration and meaning to these questions.

For example, why start a business in the first place? What’s the point? Why pick this goal vs. any othergoal? Why even sets goals at all?

What determines the goals you set (or don’t set) is your context. Your context is your collection of beliefs and values. So if the values of money and freedom are part of your context, you might be inclined to set a goal to start a new business.

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