Why some women look ten years older

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An unhealthy way of living can age the skin of a woman up to ten years older

Especially sunbeds, cigarettes, a lack of fresh fruit and hydration provide an accelerated aging process.

This was the outcome of an international inquiry among 600 women from England, Spain and China, according to the Daily Mail.

The inquiry took eight years and was held amongst women in England at an age between 45 and 75, in Spain between 30 and 70 and 25 to 70 in China.

True age

The women were asked to keep track of how often they moisturize their skin and the amount of fruit they ate weekly.. There were digital images recorded of the respondents, to estimate their age en to determine if there was a difference with their actual age.

The women with an unhealthy lifestyle were estimated on average about 10,4 years older.

Healthy way of life

Professor Andrew Mayes who led the inquiry says: “We knew that genetics for 50 percent determine how old anyone looks, but we had no idea to what extent the lifestyle had an influence. The number of years difference is shocking.”

“Figures from a previous inquiry about plastic surgery suggested that a facelift can make a person on average look 8,5 years younger. Our data showed that a healthy lifestyle can save a woman 10 years extra”, he adds.

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