Wisdom comes from the Heart

Wisdom comes from the heart
Wisdom comes from the heart

A centipede was going for a walk. One day he met a frog. The frog who was a filosafor observeded the centipede for a while and got very worried. It was hard enough to walk on four legs, but this centipede walked with thousand legs. This was a miracle. How did the centipede decided which leg he had to move first, and after that and after that….? So the frog went up to the centipede and asked him the question.

“Mr. Centipede, I’m puzzled, how do you walk, how do you do it? It seems impossible”

The centipede reacted surprised. He said:

“All my life I’ve been walking and I never gave it a thought. Now that you ask, I will think about it and tell you later”

For the first time the centipede became consious of how he should walk. And the froq was right, which leg should he move first. He stood there for minutes but couldn’t move. He reeled and fell down. He said to the froq:

“Please don’t ever ask this question to a centipede again. I’ve been walking my whole life without a problem, but now you sentenced me to death. I can’t move one leg let alone walking with a thousand legs”

If thinking is going to interfere with life, it often goes wrong. How can thinking, which is responsable for creating most of our problems, also offer a solution? Wisdom is on another  level than our thinking. Our thoughts come from the mind, but wisdom comes from the Heart.

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