Women spend more Money, when Shopping Together

women spend more money when shopping together

Research shows that women in a year spend about 1000 euros (or 1300 dollars) more, when they go shopping togeheter with friends. About 62 percent of women spends more money when they are out with a friend. In average a woman spends 44 euros (50 dollars) more money if she is with friends than if she would have been shopping alone.

A year and 24 times shopping later, she has spend over one thousand euros more, according to research by the Daily Mail among 2000 women.

More pleasant

Women say they like shopping more, together with a friend than alone. two third of the women say they are more confident about clothes they buy together with a friend. the same percentage says they simply enjoy shopping more together with friends.

About 75 percent of the women say that their friends encourage them to buy clothes, shoes or cosmetics. Two third of the women admit they often buy things at the recomandation of their friends. Most of the women say shopping takes a lot longer when doing it together.


About 40 percent says often to fit clothes because a friend askes them to. Some of them say they often regret the things they have bought together with a friend.

Twenty percent of the women likes to get compliments from their friends during shopping. 22 percent says to spend money more easy during shopping with a friend.


A fourth of the women find their friend very patient during shopping. But a third of the women says their friends too often want to go to shops they don’t like themselves. And about the same percentage says their friends take too long to take a decision about buying or not.

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