#YooxSoccerCouture, the connection between fashion and soccer – Webshop Yoox.com and football magazine Sepp together with 10 designers are developing sweaters for the World Cup Soccer.

The World Cup, which begins June 12, 2014 in Brazil, may not exactly be described as the most fashionable event of the year, but Webshop Yoox.com and football magazine Sepp are planning to change all that.

Collaborating with ten designers from ten different countries Yoox and Sepp are developing a limited collection of sporty items that certainly are not only ment for football fans. The collection has been given the name #YooxSoccerCouture and consists of ten unisex sweatshirts.

Opening Ceremony is one of the labels that will take part at the project. The label has been designing the Jersey representing North and Central America and the Caribbean. Each Jersey will carry a print to match the country what it stands for. The rest of the designers and labels that contribute to the collection are Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for Spain, Ami for France, Barbara Casasola for Brazil Damir Doma for Germany, Duro Olowu for r Nigeria, Juun.J for Korea, Ksubi for Australië, Masha Ma for China and MSGM for Italy.


SEPP 1 was launched in 2002 for the world championship in Japan/Korea. Meanwhile Sepp has become a premium magazine, uniting the worlds of football and fashion. For the world championship in Brazil in 2014 Sepp Nr 8 will be published.

The #YooxSoccerCouture collection is available through Yoox.com. Take a look at the ten sweaters below.

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