Young lesbians have a better chance in getting a job

According to an inquiry by the university in Gent (Belgium) young lesbian women have 25% more chance of getting an interview for a job than hetero sexual women of the same age.

If the heterosexual woman has a child, this percentage rises to 33%. The inquiry was held under 576 existing vacancies. On all of them was responded with a double fictional application. Four types of letters were sent: for women of about 25 years with one child, women of about 25 without children, women of 37 years or older with one child and women of 37 or older without a child.

In all of the cases it was mentioned that they were female and married, but with a few of the applicants was mentioned that they were married to a woman. In the 25 year old category, these women were far more often invited to a job interview. With the women of 37 Year and older there was no difference between the lesbian or hetero women.


The conclusion of the researchers was that employers heterosexuality unknowingly link to having children. Lesbian women are less inclined to have children, so they are less likely to need maternity leave or want to work part-time in the future. The inquiry also showed that lesbians are more likely to be selected for the job, when a job application is handled by a man instead of a woman.

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